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Pirate-Pouch-PassOur classic laminates are the original “backstage pass.” Classic laminates are a custom printed solution for the music and entertainment industries. Due to their classic backstage pass look and feel, they are a favorite for concerts, festivals and tours. They are sturdy and built for rough treatment, so they function well as backstage passes for artists, staff and crew. Additionally, these can be used to distinguish between artists, VIP guests, crew and other personnel, providing an industry’s “original” security solution. Custom foiling, serial numbering, bar coding and RFID encoded chips can be added to deter duplication and will ease security flow.

The Classic Laminates also make a great “vintage looking” keepsake piece that promotes your brand messaging or helps expand the theme of your event. Use them to promote radio events, your product or to generate excitement amongst your VIP guests. In our experience, most recipients save the passes even after the event has concluded, extending your advertising and branding initiatives and sponsor viewership.

Our production time for Classic Laminates depend on a couple of things:

  • Number of passes you need
  • Additional features such as custom shapes, variable data, foiling, holographic overlays or RFID encoding

Are you working on a tight deadline? Good news! Orders of 500 or less can typically be produced in 1 day following your digital proof approval. We have been known to perform miracles, so the best way to get the job rolling is to call us. We are always honest, and we do our best to work with you and your time frame. 866-955-8247




Classic Laminates are best utilized:

Extended use Events
Media Credentials
Backstage Passes
Promotional Give-a-ways
Radio Events
Indoor / Outdoor Events

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