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Derek Jeter Mag-Tag

Our IL Mag-Tag is a smaller version of our Infinity Laminate Credential, but instead of a lanyard it’s held on by a high powered magnet. The magnet is so durable; it can secure through materials such as wool blazers or thick sweaters. IL Mag-Tags are a great solution for events where name tags are required, but you desire a more professional look than stickers or paper insert holders provide. Available in full color with variable data, logos or photos, these tags are easily customized to be used as designators so guests can easily read names from a distance and event staff can clearly identify VIPs, speakers, or honored guests. Maximize your company brand or event messaging by including your contact information or talking points on the back of each name tag.

Are you working on a tight deadline? Good news! Orders of 500 or less can typically be produced in 1-2 days following your digital proof approval. We have been known to perform miracles, so the best way to get the job rolling is to call us. We are always honest, and we do our best to work with you and your time frame.

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Mag-Tags are great for:

Special Events
Speaking Engagements
Employee Name Tags
Corporate Name Tags

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