Badge buddies assist healthcare personnel in communicating with staff, personnel, patients and families. They are a must-have for busy and fast-paced hospital environments. What are some other reasons medical professionals wear badge buddies under their existing ID badge or credentials?

1. Many times, RNs or other medical professionals don’t have an office or work space to display degrees or certificates.  Proudly display titles and certifications on the badge to let others know that hard work has paid off.

2. Bilingual or multilingual personnel have an advantage to a patient or a patient’s family who may speak a different language. Adding the language to your badge will remove the communication barrier and create trust and effective communication.

3. Do you have a difficult name to pronounce?

Phonetic spelling instructions

Phonetic Spelling Instructions can help patients pronounce names.

Phonetic spelling instructions can be added to help others with the pronunciation (pre-NUN-see-AY-shen) of your name; once again, removing a language barrier between healthcare professional and patient.

4. Color coded badges can signify a specific department or role. This is helpful to medical professionals who may need to quickly shift over to different areas of the hospital where they are needed. Role identification is already there, so the focus can remain on the patient.

5. Badge buddies can heighten security. If there is a specific color or text assigned to department, this will stop an imposter from illegally practicing. Patients and visitors will be able to identify the role of the nurse or physician.

Healthcare professionals rely on badge buddies to help with identification, certification and to eliminate communication barriers with patients. Horizontal badge buddies are 3.375″ x 3.125″ in size and will hang 1″ below a standard credential or ID badge. Vertical buddy badges are now being offered and are sized 2.215″ x 4.375.” Vertical badge buddies also hang 1″ below a standard credential or ID badge. Additional sizes and patterns can be created upon request. Customize your badge buddies with colors and text. Badge buddies can be purchased through contacting us at, or you can purchase online at