One thing we can all agree on is the pandemic proved how much we all need TV. Some watched TV to pass time, catch up on shows you never had time for before (for us, The Sopranos and Better Call Saul) or to escape the horrible reality many of us found ourselves living in. Whatever the reason, it helped.

Thankfully we had hours of television and movies on the docket. However, when the pandemic hit in March, productions were immediately shut down. The impact was so great that many films and television shows are still unable to finish a season. What will happen when our favorite shows sit stagnant and we run out of things to watch? Good news! More and more we are hearing that productions are picking back up. We’ve worked with a number of production companies, in-studio productions and networks over the years. In recent talks with our clients, we are finding that badges are an integral part of getting these productions up and running. They are now more important than ever.

The ability to heighten security measures or limit the number of people on set due to social distancing can be managed with badges. Laminates, satin passes or custom sizes / shapes for badges are an effective solution to apply safe set practices. Vendors, production crew and talent can be assigned badges that can be reused and sanitized daily with antibacterial solution. Utilize our ‘screened’ badges to safely partition your crew that is working in different sectors of your set. Screened badges are designed using custom colors, text and logos. Holographic stickers, foiling, individual numbering and variable data can be added for additional security and safety measures. Keeping safe distances between groups on set can be accomplished with brightly colored badges, easy to identify from 6 feet or more away.

Satin passes are ideal because they stick to clothing without leaving a residue and can be disposed of and reassigned at the start of every day your team is on site. Synthetic wristbands have been a popular seller during the pandemic, especially if studios or production companies are following state or local public health orders. Wristbands can be assigned and easily affixed to help identify anyone who has been properly temperature checked or tested, and cleared to enter. Synthetic wristbands are made in full-color with custom colors and text for your individual needs.

We want these studios to get back to production as much as they do. We are here to provide sound solutions that will help overcome these challenges set in place by social distancing and ensuring safety for the talent, staff, crew, sound, editing and the thousands of other people who make the magic happen on screen.