Labor Day is quickly approaching and like many other holidays that have passed during the pandemic, it will look different. Yes, parades, celebrations and large gatherings will be cancelled. On a positive note, this will provide us with the opportunity to reflect on what Labor Day means. We are even more grateful this year for the essential workers that have continued to go to work when the rest of us were told us stay home. The pandemic has allowed us to expand our product lines and we are working closely with many different medical professionals on a daily basis. These are our heroes that step up and risk their lives and continuously show up each day. They continue battle the pandemic head first to ensure that we move forward with strength and prosperity for the well-being of our country.

We are proud to work with these dedicated individuals. To honor them on Labor Day, we are offering a 25% discount on ALL custom badge buddies beginning Saturday, September 5th through Monday, September 7th. This includes our vertical, horizontal and sidekick buddies. Add custom colors, photos, text or other details. We have been having a great time designing custom creations! Each order will include a new product we call the buddy backer, which gives the badge buddies a fun flair.

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This weekend, we are celebrating YOU. Happy Labor Day to all!