When a client comes to us to order badges for their event, our first suggestion is to create a badge that makes an impression. Many clients have design, logo and other ideas ready to go by the time they get to us, but we thrive on taking that next step to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Not only do we adhere to branding colors and logos to showcase your business, but we also highlight its strengths through custom design concepts. A corporate event that has a focus on team building and breakout sessions might utilize a badge in the shape of a puzzle piece.  If your team is traveling to a destination, why not capture the city skyline? The possibilities are truly endless!

The past eight months have been a struggle for both event planners and attendees. Video-conferencing and virtual meetings have been sound solutions for the time being, but the face-to-face events will return. When they do, make sure you are prepared with a show-stopping piece.

How can All Access Tags help you achieve this?

1. We will work with your marketing department to ensure that we are designing with your corporate style and branding guide. Our team can guarantee that we develop a piece that aligns with your marketing, brand, and corporate identity.

2. Are you working with a client who wants to wow their attendees? Leave it to us to provide not one, but multiple concepts. We work with many clients on revisions to ensure perfection for every event, every time. We often utilize the double-sided badge when working with our corporate event planners, leaving one side for name recognition and branding, and listing valued sponsors and / or agendas on the other.

3. Are you still envisioning the standard 3″ x 5″ vertical badge for your next event? We are encouraging you to think bigger and better! Not only do we offer numerous sizes (yes, even the 4″ x 7″), but the shapes are now limitless! We will offer a number of concepts to you to help achieve the ideal badge that is perfect for your next event.

4. Will your team be traveling in the coming months for the first time since the pandemic? Send them a custom luggage tag before they travel to share your excitement. Our luggage tags are extremely durable and hold up to extreme wear and tear. For additional safety measures, our badges can be wiped down and cleaned with antibacterial solution.

Providing your clients, attendees and guests with a one-of-a-kind badge says more about your company than just showcasing your brand, or providing them with a marketing piece that makes name recognition easy. Badges say so much about your company when others can see the attention and creativity that went into creating them. Many times, our customers call when they are just days away from their event. More often than not, the badges are the last item on the event checklist. Rest assured; you are working with the best here at All Access Tags! As previous event planners, we know that you work with tight timelines. We work quickly, efficiently, and create quality pieces that make our clients reach out to us and say “our attendees loved the badges” each time!

Call us at any time if you have a meeting in the works next week, next month or next year. We cannot wait to work with you!