What’s a badge buddy without a sidekick? We’ve created a pass that allows you to display not one, but two important messages, titles or any other text you would like below and to the side of your existing badge. The badge will hang 1″ below and 1″ to either side of your existing credit card sized ID badge.

This is an ideal solution for a number of industries that require employees to speak more than one language. Healthcare, hospitality, education, finance and customer service, just to name a few. Badge buddies with a sidekick allow your valued customers to quickly identify with a representative or or worker who speaks their language with a display that provides custom colors and text. This is a small, yet effective way to build trust and understanding among your valued clients.

A clear and concise visual will assure your customers that you have the ability to service many backgrounds and languages. This is a great way to showcase the abilities of your employees and allow them to provide exceptional customer service.

You can request your custom badge buddies in a number of shapes or sizes by visiting our Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/allaccesstags. If you are placing a bulk order, please contact us direct at info@allaccesstags.com or by calling 866-955-8247.