Synthetic Core and Paper Core laminates are both solid choices for your 2017 events! Many of our clients visit our website, like what they see and place an order. Without physical samples in-hand, one question we get a lot is “What is the difference between Paper Core and Synthetic Core laminates?”

Explaining the differences usually begins with our team asking questions about the nature of your event. We want to learn about every aspect and how we can best suit your individual needs. Then we will ask our client to pull out their keys. Many times, the client will have at least one key tag on their key ring. Key tags are offered by gyms, stores or other businesses to allow members quick, easy access. They are thrown around and can endure a great deal of wear and tear without splitting. Pulling on and bending it provides the client with a good idea on what to expect with both the Synthetic Core and Paper Core Laminates. The Synthetic Core laminates are recommended for long term or extended use at outdoor meetings and events, tours and festivals, backstage / crew / working / staff passes. The laminates are especially important for security and access at events. Working staff and crew can move and lift equipment and staging without the worry of the pass tearing off the lanyard. The Synthetic Core laminates usually become a part of the tour and can be customized and color / bar / RFID coded for every stop on the tour. If there is unexpected weather (or even expected) weather at an outdoor event, attendees and staff can wear the laminates without worrying about damage. In fact, we even recommend these passes for events at water parks or in wet environments. Both laminates are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes! You can visit our gallery here: /products/infinity-laminates/


Paper Core laminates have the same look and feel as the Synthetic Core laminates and are printed using the same material, but we recommend these as a more cost effective option. These are a favorite among Corporate Event Planners, Event Hospitality Organizers and for large scale meetings and events because they are durable for the time that they are needed for these types of events, which is about 5 – 7 days of continuous wear. These are perfect for weekend events, expos and conferences that last a week or less. Don’t let the name fool  you – these are not “paper.” The main difference between Synthetic Core and Paper Core is that the Paper Core laminate is not waterproof. This is why they are ideal for indoor events, backstage passes, meet and greet events and corporate name badges. Whatever your event needs are, we can help. We can recommend passes, name badges or credentials to fit every event! A member of our team is always just a phone call or email away. Our quality products and turn-around times are why so many of our clients return to us! If you would like a physical sample to see our laminates in person, please fill out this form and we will ship one to you today! /sample-pack/

To sum up, these are the types of events we recommend for each pass:

Synthetic Core:
– Extended use for outdoor meetings and events
– Tours
– Festivals
– Crew and Staff
– Waterparks or wet environments









Paper Core:
– Indoor conferences, meetings and events
– Meetings and events not exceeding 5 – 7 days of continuous wear
– Press conferences
– Promotional Give-a-Ways
– Corporate name badges
– Backstage passes
– Meet and Greet passes