All Access Tags understands that counterfeit passes can create problems at concerts, festivals and sporting events. It’s important to think about the best way to safeguard your event utilizing security features that can be added to backstage passes, credentials and commemorative tickets. With the excitement surrounding the 2016 Chicago Cubs World Championship, it’s evident that people will do anything to gain access to a once in a lifetime event. We recently came across a story about a college student who entered Wrigley Field during Game 5 of the World Series using a fake media credential. There was lack of security on the part of the staff, but this could have been prevented if the stadium passes had additional security features. You can read the story here: College Student Sneaks Into World Series with Fake Credentials

Social media and technology make it easier than ever to replicate credentials for events. It isn’t out of the ordinary to see a photo of a backstage pass or credential pop up on social media platforms when someone is attending an event. Our years of experience in the live events and entertainment industries have taught us a few things now that we are in the business of printing. Here are some of the measures we take at All Access Tags to do our part in preventing fraudulent pass printing:

  1. Many of our clients order event credentials weeks and even months ahead of the event date. We take client confidentiality very seriously and mandate a strict company policy among our staff to never share information, photos or artwork, even after the event has concluded.
  2. If a customer contacts our office with artwork from a a concert or sporting event that hasn’t happened yet and the artwork looks legitimate, we refuse printing of the passes. There are times when official artwork falls into the wrong hands or it has been leaked prior to the event and they simply want it printed on a VIP or backstage pass to make it look official. Not only do we refuse printing of the pass, but we will contact the management company of the artist or event to notify them that their artwork has been publicized.
  3. We offer many security options that can be added to any of our passes, credentials and commemorative tickets. Custom shapes, holographic overlay or foiling, serial numbering, RFID / QR Coding and variable data can be added to any pass that will help prevent counterfeiting. Incorporating anti-counterfeiting measures allows for accountability if a badge comes up missing, in unauthorized hands or is duplicated.

We realize that we can’t do everything to prevent fraudulent pass printing, but we help to do our part. If you have questions or concerns on how to safeguard your next concert, festival or event with our custom backstage passes and credentials, contact us. We will be happy to discuss your logistics and how we can incorporate security options to best fit your needs.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs!