Oh What Fun! Incorporating custom passes into your next employee holiday gathering is a great way for your employees to let loose and have fun. Whether you are planning your holiday party to take place during the company lunch hour or making a night of it on a weekend, employees appreciate it when you go the extra mile to make them feel that the hard work they put in all year long is recognized and appreciated.

So, how can you go from hum drum to bang on the drum fun? We may not be able to help you choose your venue, menu or entertainment, but we can provide passes to help enhance your theme, branding and to incorporate some fun!

Pick a theme for your holiday party and design your passes around it. If you are planning to hire a live band, do a concert theme. Our backstage passes will be a subtle way to make all of your guests feel like they are VIPs.

Event Game
A casino night or scavenger hunt is a great way to keep your employees engaged and to help promote teamwork. Passes can be printed using variable data (i.e. team names, employee names or scavenger hunt clues). For a casino night theme, use a custom die such as playing cards or a roulette wheel to generate excitement.

Drink Tickets
It’s always a good idea to remind employees to drink responsibly if you are planning to serve alcohol at your event. Many organizations mandate a limit on drinks due to liabilities. The Snap Pass Laminate is a great way to minimize employee alcohol consumption at the party because it allows you to showcase your company branding or artwork and includes two perforated tickets that can be easily removed by guests. Ditch the drink / beverage tickets that can become an annoyance when balancing a drink in one hand and an appetizer plate in the other and can be easily misplaced. The Snap Pass will be a gift for every employee at the party.

Staff Recognition
Your employee holiday party should be an extension of your company. If your office appreciates humor, forget about the paper recognition awards and print your funny awards on passes, complete with photos and names. Remembering to keep employees’ feelings in check, you can come up with categories ahead of time and have employees vote. Employees can wear them around their necks to keep the fun and humor going all night long. Here are a few examples:
1. Where’s Waldo Award: For the employee who is hard to find or never found sitting at their desk
2. Mission Impossible Award: For the employee who finds a way to accomplish every task, even the ones that seem impossible
3. Marathon Award: For the employee who is fastest to leave the office the minute the clock turns 5 pm

Other ideas include leaving space for your guests to write their nicknames or alter-egos underneath their printed names. This allows for the employees to incorporate humor and fun into the event as conversations will spark around glancing down at the badges throughout the evening. You might even see the badges saved at employee desks or hanging from bulletin boards following the event.

Highlight Company Achievements
The holidays are a great time to remind employees about setting goals as you approach the new year. Often times, the CEO or leadership team will make a small speech or toast to address company achievements, thank employees for a year of hard work, foster togetherness and share goal projections for the coming year. Pick the top five or ten achievements to print on the badge, along with a quote or inspiring message.

Charity or Corporate Giving Message
Instead of organizing a White Elephant or $20 gift exchange, encourage your employees to give back by donating the money to an organization or charity of their choice. Print their name and the name of the charity of their choosing underneath it. This will spark conversation, bring awareness to a number of charities and remind employees what the season is really about.

Employees appreciate the time and effort it takes for companies to plan their annual holiday gathering so make it one to remember by incorporating passes or badges. Happy Holidays from All Access Tags!