Satin “Stickie” Passes are preferred by theatres, both small and large, and performing arts centers for many reasons. Satin “Stickie” Passes are a great temporary access solution for many different industries. The satin “stickie” pass is the only one of it’s kind in our product lines because it is printed using a specially formulated satin material with a sticker backing. Once the backing is removed, the satin can stick to any material, even when exposed to moisture, sweat, water or humidity. The easy release adhesive on the backing allows removal of the pass without leaving residue behind. The fabric material is designed using the client’s artwork or branding and can be printed as a 3″ x 4″ or 3″ x 5″ rectangle pass or a custom shape, such as a circle, square, triangle, octagon, oval or many other options.

Theatres and venues use the satin “stickie” passes as a way of managing security during a performance. Passes can be designed using different colors, serial numbering or holographic overlay to differentiate between staff, crew and production teams. It’s common to see crew or production teams wearing these passes on their pant leg or somewhere visible so their security level is easily defined. Photographers, media and press are provided with credentials to gain access into otherwise restricted areas for up close photos or interviews. Venues also use these passes as a way of generating excitement for guests attending a Meet and Greet with their favorite artist or musician.

Many of our clients that order sticky passes provide a logo and request a basic design. Almost every time we present a digital approval to the client, there is a white box left at the bottom. For those who are new to the satin pass, the white box is left blank so information can be added on site. Dates, names of shows, access levels and the person’s title (crew, staff, production, media, etc.) can be filled in using a sharpie marker. The marker can be used on the satin material without the worry of the ink bleeding through.

Satin “Stickie” passes are a cost-effective, temporary access solution that continues to gain popularity within theatres, venues and performing arts centers. To request a sample packet, visit our request page at /sample-pack/