The world looks a bit different with people wearing face masks. Last week while shopping in the grocery store, I passed a neighbor that I didn’t even recognize under the mask. If we have a hard time recognizing people we know, there is a chance that we are also missing basic human responses through facial expressions. A facial expression as simple as a smile can improve communication and convey happiness and appreciation without words. Put simply, it can make someone’s day!

Customer service, hospitality and healthcare are all industries where facial expressions are key to first impressions. Human facial expressions are one of the most important non-verbal ways we can communicate. Customers, patients and co-workers observe facial expressions to get a better sense of the type of person you are or how you are feeling at that moment. Are you compassionate? Friendly? Do you not want to be bothered?

We’ve had to get creative with the way we communicate with each other. Bridge the gap in communication with your patients and valued customers with badge buddies. Go beyond role recognition and titles on your custom badge. Adding photos (a photo of you with a BIG SMILE!) and personalized messages allows for a personalized touch that will reach far beyond the face mask. Your patients will find comfort in knowing that you are there to help them and to do it with a smile.

Visit our Etsy shop at for a reference on shapes and sizes that can be customized! We’ve had so much fun creating many different badges over the past couple of weeks and can’t wait to work with you. We are available at any time at 866-955-8247.