Oh Snap! The Snap Pass Laminate is here! Ideal for events, festivals and expos that require tickets, coupons or vouchers. Throw away those tickets that can be easily lost or misplaced, the Snap Pass Laminate has it all!  The Snap Pass is a 3 x 5 Infinity Laminate that can be customized using your artwork and branding. The bottom of the pass is perforated and can be customized with a single or double tab, depending on your needs.

The Snap Pass is widely used at beer and wine festivals, expos and fundraising events. Breakaway tabs are durable, yet easy for guests to remove. Showcase your valued sponsors in an effective way that will keep your guests glancing down at their pass all evening. Perforated tabs are also recyclable, which allow you to maximize on your green event initiatives.

Click here for the downloadable template and begin your project today!

Snap Pass shown here with single perforated tab

Snap Pass Laminate shown here with single perforated tab