Pouch Laminates are a great custom printed solution for bands and event planners who don’t need a large quantity of laminates.  They are a perfect solution for backstage passes for smaller concerts, tours, and festivals as well as unique name tags for special events, or corporate meetings. These laminates have the classic backstage pass look and feel creating a keepsake piece that promotes your brand and message.

Pouch Laminates are a great solution for backstage passes for the smaller concerts, festivals and tours. These passes can be used to distinguish between artists, VIP guests, crew, and other personnel. Talk to us about combining your ISE laminates with our temporary full color satin stickers for a complete tour package.

Pouch Laminates are a great solution for special events needing custom branded credentials but with a tighter budget. Like the Infinity SmoothEdge Laminates, these Pouch Laminates are often used for identification so that event staff can clearly identify those attendees who are VIPs, speakers, staff, etc. These passes also allow the opportunity for another space to display or sell space for sponsorships, many times creating extra revenue for an event and an invaluable opportunity for a sponsor to reach every guest on an individual level. These passes make each attendee feel like they are a special.

Pouch Laminates create a unique way to promote your product or event. The credentials create a sense of importance around a product or event and make whoever recieves one also feel great. Most recipents of credentials hold on to them for an extended period of time even after a promotion has concluded.